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Pre + Post care

It is highly recommended that you follow The Brow Cosmetic Tattoo Pre & Post Care instructions to ensure the best possible results and longevity of your tattoo. This information acts as a guideline only. We cannot Guarantee results. Each client skin responds differently both in how long it takes to heal and the number of sessions needed for color retention and desired results. It is important that you take good care of your lips while healing and beyond.

Eye brows Pre + Post care

Lips Pre + Post care

Saline Removal

Eyeliner Pre + Post care

BB Glowing

What Our Clients Say

I just had done my combination brows, dark lip correction, bb glow and also winked eye liner with Julie. Extremely satisfied with the result and strongly recommend this place for any kind of cosmetic tattoo. Julie was so polite professional and her opinions are the best I just leave everything on her let her decide what looks good on me. She did a really really great job so many people asking about my cosmetic tattoo. Thank you so much Julie for all the effort you put in my appointment they all worth it.  - Google-

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